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Welcome to Wifeys World, home of the webs most well endowed, orally obsessed, horny housewife and MILF! WifeysWorld.com focuses on the XXXX, hardcore adventures by the internet’s most beautiful busty amateur. There are hundreds of explicit videos and photos featuring Hubby and Wifey as well as her huge breasts (36DD). Perform amateur blowjobs such as facials, cumshots or swallowing.

Sandra Otterson
May 15, 1965 – Born
Oregon, USA
Ethnicity: Caucasian
American nationality
Measurements: 91-66-91cm / 36-26-36
36DD Bra/cup Size
Boobs, Natural
Height: 5 ft 6 in (1.67m
Weight: 125 lb (56kg)
Type of body: Average
Eye color: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Long, Wavy
Underarm hair: Shaved
Trimmed pubic hair
Nickname: Wifey

Hey Everyone!

Wifeys World welcomes you, it’s hard for us to believe that we have been on the internet since 1998!

For those who are just starting to visit this site for the first time, let us tell you a bit about ourselves. We were both disappointed at the poor sites we’d visited and joined. This site was started by my husband and me. In the days before big porn conglomerates flooded the web with scammers and scam artists, this was the time. We were tired of seeing paid actresses yawning their way through sex scenes, or worse- screaming at the top of their lungs as though being plowed by a water buffalo, then practically snapping their necks to get away from the sperm that was being blasted towards them.

You know what I mean? A woman who is truly enjoying the sex, giving a slow loving blowjob, or handjob wouldn’t want to be rewarded for all she had done so hard for.

I’m not like that! I LOVE having sex, and have never faked an orgasm on video. When I climax on the site its authentic. Why would a woman fake an orgasm when it is possible to actually have one? This is something I have never seen before. It’s hard to imagine a man saying “nah, I don’t want you to cum, let’s just fake that scene!” Never…

It’s also a way for me to make my man climax. It is not a job. It is a passion. I enjoy making his cock spurt and trying to coax as much sperm from him as I can (and this guy can cum!) It’s a pleasure to give him pleasure and I know how it feels. I enjoy cumping him (I will eat every drop of his sex) and I also like having my hair blasted all over my face. The bigger the mess the better.

A little bit about me: I’m 56 and weigh 125lbs. My 36DD (or 34F boobs) is around 125lbs. I am very dark and enjoy having my big nipples sucked in (especially during orgasm). I have never been a dragper, pornstar or hooker. Ive always been a normal (well, Ill admit to being sexually obsessed) healthy woman.

I have always had a slim physique and slim legs, which has helped me to be able to show off my big boobs. I am very sensitive to the thought that other men are watching and then having sex with us. I am also extremely annoyed at the idea that guys are just watching me. I guess you could call my a sicko. LOL
We hope you enjoy the site! It has taken a lot of work and time.

Take Care

Sandra and Kevin (Wifey Hubby), are Oregon natives in early forties. Sandra is natural 36DD breasts, who,
Sandra, by her own admission is an exhibitionist. Sandra and Kevin, her husband, started the website after receiving overwhelming support.
To a nude Polaroid from Sandra (Wifey), posted on Usenet By Hubby.

Soon after, the couple started selling home videos of their sexual adventures and launched a website.
Wifeys World, although not the original amateur porn website was very popular.
The material follows so-called amateur ponography guidelines, with videos and images of the couple.
Participating in sex of all kinds.

Oral sex is the main focus of this site. Sandra (Wifey), fellating her husband.
His semen was received either facially or orally; vaginal intercourse is also shown. Hubby Kevins facial expression was most common.
It was obscured up until a few years ago, but it is shown most often in Wifey’s most recent photos.

It’s a popular site; some speculate that it makes the couple six figures per year.
(Hubby said in an interview with Monk Magazine that he would not disclose any amount). Wifey is a fan of the idea
she is comfortable with having others monitor her activities. She said, “It’s harmless form exhibitionism.” We didn’t start this business.
We actually began on the requests from others who followed our newsgroups.

Wifey is an Oregon native, in her early forties, with natural 36DD breasts. She admits that she is an exhibitionist.
She and her husband (known as Hubby on the site) started the site after overwhelming response to a nude Polaroid of Wifey
Hubby posted this on Usenet. The couple started selling their own videos and eventually launched a website.
Wifeys World may not have been the first online porn site for amateurs, but it did become very popular.

The material follows so-called amateur pornography’s basic guidelines.
Videos and photos of the couple engaging in sex.
Wifey falls for her husband and receives his semen either orally or facially. This is the site’s main showcase.
It is also possible to see vaginal sex. In order to preserve their privacy, they do not use the names of the couples. Instead, they use their character names.
Hubby and Wifey. Hubby’s face was obscured until a few decades ago. However, the most recent Wifey photos show him clearly.
Website where it is most commonly displayed.

The website itself is extremely popular; there is some conjecture the site earns the couple nearly six figures a month
(Hubby stated in an interview with Monk magazine that he wishes not to disclose any specific amount).
In recent years, the website has incorporated material from other amateur pornographers wishing to be featured on the Internet,
The Friends Spotlight is also known.

Wifey is an adult model, who was born June 26, 1966.
Established in 1998 and maintained by her and her husband.
Wifey met Hubby in high school. They got married after graduating.
Close to the 12 years later and 3 children, they became the most famous amateur porn couple.

It started quite simple. Hubby posted pictures of Wifey onto a usenet group.
He didn’t tell the woman until positive feedback started coming in.
Wifey was intrigued at the idea of these guys going after her.
They opened a home-based company in 1998 by sending out homemade tapes of them fucking.
The business boomed, and they’ve been the most successful amateur porn site with close to 6 figures a month..

Wifey was born with long legs, big firm tits, and long legs. However, many women are blessed with these qualities.
Shes also got a pretty good looking face. Again, so do lots of women.
What is it that makes her so beloved? See her, and you’ll understand. She sexy loves cum!
She loves her husband and loves to suck him off.
Sometimes things dont go perfect (she might break out laughing at something, or cough, or a hundred other things
that happen in real sex that you dont see in a porn) but the tape keeps rolling because its hot.
Real life is hot and sexy and so is Wifey.

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