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These lassoing Doms have got a whole corral of babes tied up so tightly that they have absolutely no chance of getting away. While the BDSM here is certainly consensual, one has to agree that the submissive chicks are gluttons for punishment in impressive HD videos.
Sometimes you just want to give up control and let someone else dominate you. You want them to torment you and make you hurt so good, maybe you even want them to tie you up while it all goes down. If that sounds like heaven, let me introduce you to Hogtied. This Kink.com site specializes in BDSM with submissive girls being bound and brought to orgasm over and over.
Kink is arguably the best network when it comes to all things kinky and that’s why Hogtied is so great. This is no amateur production shot in someone’s basement. It’s all done by professionals in a very authentic-looking dungeon where you can watch a Dom tying girls up, putting a ball gag in their mouth, whipping them, attaching clamps to their nipples and bringing them to forced orgasm over and over with the use of a Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator. They always have interviews with the girls before and after the session starts, which helps it feel real and reminds us that she’s okay and has consented to all the submissive acts that are about to go down.
Hogtied is the real deal when it comes to rough rope bondage. There are no silk scarves or fuzzy love-cuffs being used to tie up the adventurous babes here, only thick, scratchy rope, as well as clothespins and the like. The desperately submissive dolls here take the best kind of pleasure from being restrained and brought to orgasm with fingers, dildos, and lots of other fun objects.
As one of the premiere hardcore BDSM destinations for rope bondage, Hogtied features a dizzying spread of pornstars and amateurs who get off on being tied up in hundreds of creative positions and placed at the mercy of the man called The Pope. This anonymous dungeon master strategically arranges his willing prisoners in pose after vulnerable pose so that he can tease and torture their bodies as they beg for something to shove inside them to sate their pussies’ cravings. The rope work is top notch and the actresses hover right over the sweet spot between unbearable pain and unbearable pleasure.
The scenes begin with an introduction to the performer, as they discuss their sexual history and reasons for wanting to get tied up and dominated. The serious action ensues, and then for the last few minutes, the actresses are interviewed again to talk about the experience. Seeing them talk while still sweaty mascara running, and covered in juices afterward gives the scenes an honest feel, and reminds us that, while these may be pro performers on this site, BDSM is something that real people can enjoy, too. [Side note: All performers on Kink.com sites are meant to be kept safe by agreeing to a series of “yes’s” and “no’s” beforehand, and there are post-session interviews with them discussing the experience.] This is hands-down one of the best BDSM sites with female subs being toyed with and enjoyed to the absolute limits their bodies can handle. With over a thousand original scenes and an HD update every week you’ll find you get more than your money’s worth from a subscription here.



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