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This site shows what these men found in Asia…sexy girls with big boobs! Many of the photos taken by JS at Farangdingdong in the beginning featured girls with breasts larger than the normal range. Although bra sizes vary from country to country the average progressive cup size is one inch larger. It is not easy to choose the right bra size. Measure your bust. This is also called measuring the rib cage beneath the breasts. The average American womans measurements are 28 inches to 32 inches in the underbust measurement.. Four inches is added to the measurement of the ribcage to determine the Band Size. Measure the fullest area around the breasts for a woman measuring 28 inch rib cage would have a band size that is 32.. Let’s say the measurement was 36 inches.. Add the bust to the band measurement for four. The D cup is a cup measuring four inches less than the bands. The 32D is what this girl would wear.

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